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Bringing together Arab and Muslim Journalists from around the world
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Journalism Equality

We demand equality from the News Media. Newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times must hire Arab journalists. Journalism groups like the Society of Professional Journalism and UNITY must end their discrimination against Arab Journalists. Our voices will be heard.

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Journalism as a Career

iNAAJA encourages young Arabs and Muslims to pursue journalism as a professional career and to add their voices to the media industry. Women are an integral part of the profession. We defend the rights of journalists to pursue fair, objective news and stories without persecution, abuse or discrimination.

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NAAJA has hosted International Conferences in Chicago, Detroit, Occupied Jerusalem, Dubai, Lebanon and Jordan. Our conferences allow members and speakers to network, share ideas and writing, spotlight challenges and anti-Arab racism, and augment our voices as integral parts of international journalism.

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Award Recognitions

iNAAJA recognizes the achievements of its members with awards and competitions showcasing the best writing. MT Mehdi Courage in Journalism Award. The Helen Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award. iNAAJA Excellence in Journalism Award.

iNAAJA is the largest journalism organization to represent Arabs and Muslims from Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq in the United States and in the Middle East. Unlike other groups, we're proud to include Palestine and we truly represent the Arab World

iNAAJA represents Arabs and Muslims in all media, print, broadcast and online

Nearly two decades of organizing to give our members a voice in defining mainstream journalism

Networking that brings Arab and Muslim journalists together with mainstream media industry leaders

Documenting the history of Arab and Muslim journalism in America and in the Middle East

Defending our members from bigotry, racism and the growing animosity against Arabs and Muslims

Defining the professional image of Arab and Muslim journalists, writers, authors and poets

  • Number of ethnic Arab & Muslim publications

  • Number of Arab & Muslim TV shows

  • Number of Arab & Muslim Radio shows

  • Number of Arab & Muslim news websites


We are building the Arab Journalism Voice in America

National Board

Atef A. Hassan, President
Laila Alhusini, Vice President
Ray Hanania, National Director

Detroit Leadership

Atef A. Hassan
Mohamed Abdulzaher
Hossam Abdelkader
Adel A. Mozip
Khalil E. Hachem
Atef Gawad
Marwa Macboul
Alaa Qaisieh
Laila Alhusini
Sahar Khamis

Chicago Leadership

Mansour Tadros, Chicago Director
Ray Hanania, board member


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