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Past NAAJA Officers and Members

Arab American View Newspaper front Cover 2007

Past NAAJA Officers and members

Here is a record of past officers and members.


Aref Assaf New Jersey Chapter CoordinatorAref Assaf is the New Jersey Coordinator for NAAJA. He is a columnist with the Star Ledger Newspaper, New Jersey. He writes the SL Blog, Denville New Jersey. He has been writing op-eds for more than 15 years. Extensive list of interviews, speeches and panel discussions on Arab and Muslim issues. Currently, he is the only Arab American blogging for the Star Ledger’s NJ Voices. He writes regularly in the Bergen Record and the Daily Record. His work has also appeared in Al-Ahram Weekly, Arabisto, Khaleej Times, OP-Ed New etc. He also does TV interviews. Assaf is president of American Arab Forum,, and a founding member and past president of ADCNJ. Founding member and current Commissioner of NJ Arab American Heritage Commission. Commissioner, NJ Ethnic Heritage Commission. Member American Society of Political Science, American Society of Int’l Law. Board member of many Arab, local and national organizations. PhD, Columbia University. Click her for blog … Click here for the NAAJA New Jersey Facebook Page

Laila alHusinniLaila alHusinni is the is the host of Good Morning Michigan Radio which broadcasts every morning Monday thru Thursday on WNZK AM 690 Radio. Her radio show broadcasts throughout Michigan Northern Ohio and Windsor Canada.

Laila is also the co-host of Radio Baladi which simulcasts in both Detroit and Chicago every Friday at 7 am Central/8 am Eastern on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Detroit and WJJG AM 1530 Radio in Chicago.

The web site for Radio Baladi is

Mansour Tadros — CHICAGO CHAPTER
Mansour Tadros is the publisher of The Future News Newspaper in Chicago, covering the Midwest United States.


ALi YounesAli Younes is a columnist and journalist based Washington D.C. he is currently working as a Middle East analyst and writes on the Arab world political, social and cultural affairs. He is a regular analyst and commentator on news channels such as Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, Fox news and NPR among others.

His work and writings appeared in major US media outlets, such as USA Today, Chicago Sun times, Chicago Tribune and the New York Times. Prior to his work in Washington, Ali worked at CNN international Desk in Atlanta. Ali was one of the  co-founders of NAAJA with Ray Hanania in Chicago. His columns have been published by newspapers around the country.


Nour Toumi is an Algerian journalist based in the United States and analyst on the Islamist question and has been dealing with this topic since 1990. He is Phd. candidate on political science at Toulouse University I. Toumi writes extensively on the Algerian fundamentalist movement and gives lectures on the subject. His analysis extends also to the foreign policy of Middle Eastern and North African countries. He is currently writing a book on the Algerian Islamist Movement. His web site is:


Ray HananiaRay Hanania is An award winning columnist, author and radio talkshow host, Hanania is a veteran journalist with more than 30 years experience. Named “Best Ethnic American Columnist” 2006/2007 by the New America Media Association, and the 2009 Winner of the Mehdi Courage in Journalism Award and the Society of Professional Journalists Sigam Delta Chi Award 2009. Hanania’s columns are syndicated by Creators Syndicate, Hanania writes a weekly column for the Jerusalem Post and for He also writes a weekly column for the Southwest News-Herald in Chicago. Hanania hosts Radio Chicagoland a live talk show on WJJG 1530 AM Radio Monday thru Friday from 8 am until 9:30 am. (Simulcast in audio and podcasts through iTunes). He also hosts a weekly Cable TV Show “TV Chicagoland ” broadcast in Chicago’s 150 suburban communities. Click here for the National NAAJA Facebook Group


Elmantari AbdelFattah is a freelance journalist from Morroco.

Jessica Abughattas
Jessica is a staff writer for The Graphic (Pepperdine University), a print and online publication in Malibu, California; contributing editor of The Independent Monitor, a national Arab-American newspaper; and a freelance copyeditor. Palestinian-American-born, her mother is from Bethlehem and father from Beit Jala. She is working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (expected May 2013) from Seaver College of Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA. She is the recipient of Michael C. Murphy Scholarship for Journalism. Jessica’s journalism career began at Santiago High School, where she was the business manager and editor of The Shark Attacknewspaper.

Neal AbuNab is a columnist, author and filmmaker. He writes for the Arab American Newsnewspaper in Dearborn, Michigan, and producer of the film “The Arab American Dream.”

Marwan Ahmad, Arab American Publishing & Media Group. Breek Publishing, Arizona.

Reyad Ajour
Reyad Ajour
 graduated from Birzeit University in Radio and TV. Media studies, Worked as a news reporter in Wattan TV, a news presenter and editor in Radio Ajyal in Ramallah. Completed master studies in internationalization and communication and worked as a field reporter for Radio al hurreyh in Italy. And now freelancing for Al Mustaqbal newspaper in Chicago.

Dina Ahmad is a reporter with Aramica Newspaper based in Brooklyn, New York.

Laila alHusinni is the host of the morning radio show Good Morning Michigan broadcast Mon-Fri on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Detroit and Dearborn. She is the co-host of Radio Baladisimulcast in Detroit and in Chicago on WJJG 1530 AM Radio.


Lorraine AliLorraine Ali is an award winning feature writer for NEWSWEEK MagazineLorraine Ali is a Los Angeles-based Senior Writer who’s written extensively about culture and the arts since joining Newsweek in 2000. She co-authored Newsweek’s widely-acclaimed “The New Infidelity” cover, wrote the popular feature “You and Your Quirky Kid,” landed a rare interview with Pearl Jam and, as an Iraqi-American, has contributed several insightful pieces on Arab America and the Iraqi Diaspora overseas (“When Home Becomes Hell)”. Ali joined the magazine in New York as a General Editor and music critic before moving to Los Angeles as a Contributing Editor in March 2004. She has covered everything from abstinence trends among American teens to mafia culture in Southern Italy and her interview subjects include Jenna Bush, Michael Moore, Hilary Swank, Jay-Z, the Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash. Ali won Best Online Feature from the New York Association of Black Journalists in 2007, the 2002 “Excellence in Journalism Award” from the National Arab Journalists Association and her story “West Bank Hardcore” appeared in Da Capo “Best Music Writing 2001.” Prior to joining Newsweek, Ali was a senior critic for Rolling Stone, a music columnist for the Los Angeles Times and Mademoiselle and a regular contributor to GQ. Ali has also written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Esquire, Ladies Home Journal, SPIN, Harper’s Bazaar and The Village Voice. She was voted 1997’s Music Journalist of the Year. In 1996, she won Best National Feature Story honors at the Music Journalism Awards.

Sarah Alaoui
Student/Literary Writer, Broadcast as well as Print, California. Moroccan freelance writer and hopeful lawyer-to-be, student at UCSD (just finished freshman year there). Interned at the San Mateo Daily Journal and wrote a few articles there. Currently write for the UCSD Guardian and the SD Entertainer. Always looking to expand my experience. Web page:

Sarah Alfaham is a student reporter and photographer with the Independent Collegian Newspaper in Toledo, Ohio. She worked as a reporter for the SPJ’s “The Working Press”publication at the SPJ’s Annual Convention in Washington D.C. in 2007. Member SPJ.

Ala Alkhatib, student journalist with the College of DuPage, Berkeley, Illinois

Hannah Allam
Hannah Allam
 is Middle East correspondent and Baghdad Bureau Chief for the McClatchy Newspapers. Additionally, she writes the Middle East Diary blog for McClatchy Newspapers from the Middle East. 
Member SPJ.

Hikmat Beaini is the publisher of Al-Nashra Newspaper and manager of the Arab Media House Publishing in Washington D.C.

Abdo Almutti, Publisher
Ghorba News, Brooklyn NYC: I have been a journalist for more than 20 years in New York. I publish a newspaper that is published in New York City and is distributed in more than 8 states.

Nora alAnbarNORA AL-ANBAR: Saudi-Egyptian writer/journalist with a passion for writing. Started my journalism experience through my high school newspaper writing class including for the American International high school newspaper in Egypt, later on moved to California and wrote for the California State University paper ( Daily Titan)  for over half the time I was enrolled there. It was an amazing experience, I took pictures, did page layouts and of course wrote in all tones!Also during my time at CSUF I internship-ed for the Capistrano Dispatch community newspaper in California. Later I freelanced for Alakhbar newspaper as a writer/copy-editor and photographer. Afterwards, I took another internship as a marketing director assistant & copy editor at INQUARTA, nations leading grad school admissions advising. First professional journalism position at the Coastline Pilot, LA Times community Paper in Laguna Beach, CA, then started freelancing and part-timing for a few of the Orange County Register community papers, the first was The Anaheim Bulletin, second was the Laguna Woods Globe and last was the Orange City News. After a few other non-journalistic jobs, I had to move back to Cairo and start my journalism career there. I started working for a launching fashion magazine called London Runway, later moved to a more established one (the leading international Arab magazine) named Enigma and freelanced for another one in the time being called Euphoria.

Sam Ali, business writer, The Star-Ledger, newspaper. One Star-Ledger Plaza, City, State, Zip: Newark, NJ 07102. A journalist for the past 22 years at a number of daily newspapers in New Jersey.

Souheila Al-Jadda
Freelance Journalist/Television Producer, Television and Print, San Jose, CA. Souheila Al-Jadda is a Peabody award-winning producer and journalist. Her opinion pieces have been published in newspapers in the United States and abroad, including USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, The Dallas Morning News and The Daily Star in Lebanon among others. Souheila is also a member of the Board of Contributors for USA Today, and has appeared as a guest analyst on CNN, MSNBC, CBS News and Link TV to discuss Islam, American Muslims, women and issues affecting the Middle East. Souheila is president and founding partner of SANO Group, a consulting firm that specializes in providing policy analysis and expertise in project management, philanthropy, business, international relations, communications and media production. Her web site is

Nadia Ali
Radio Host/Producer “Just Peace” WRFG 89.3 FM
Atlanta, GA 30324

Usama Alshaibi
Radio Host/Producer
Indiana/Illinois 89.5 FM Radio

Glenville Ashby
is a published political writer/editor with the Diplomatic Monitor (, the International Affairs Journal based in Washington, DC. A Muslim from the Caribbean, he lives in New York. Glenville is currently a PhD candidate at Euclid Inter-governmental University (Washington) who has written extensively for a number of local and foreign papers and magazines, including New York Resident Magazine, The Pillar, World News Forum and the Diplomatic Monitor. I am also an accredited journalist at the Foreign Press Center in New York City. His email is

Omar Attum
Literary Writer, freelance photographer
Louisville, KY.

Sam Bahour
Columnist and author based in Al-Bireh, Palestine just north of Jerusalem. He is the managing editor of

Barbara Nimri Aziz
Radio Talk Show Host/
Executive Producer
Radio Tahrir WBAI 99.5 FM
New York

Mary Ann Azevedo
Houston Business Journal

Mohammed Reda Bouchefra
 is an Algerian journalist based in New York City. He is the publisher of a new newspaper, El Wihda ( based in Paterson, New Jersey and covering the nation’s East Coast. Previously, he worked as the “redaction director” at ”Mudir Tahrir” of the Arab American Newspaper al-Manassa al-Arabia,” and i correspondent for the Algerian newspapers: el Massar el-Arabi and Sada Wahrane.

Nader F. Dagher
Journalism student
Journalism intern, 2000: Al-Hayat alJadeeda – Ramallah (Palestine). Graduate student (Mass Communication) at UW Whitewater B.A degree mass communication & Journalism, Birzeit University.

Warren David ArabDetroit.comWarren David
President President David Communications. Warren David is an award winning online writer, and communicator. is one of the biggest online American Arab media organizations in the country. President and CEO of David Communications, Warren David epitomizes the entrepreneur who turns visions into thriving enterprises. His career comprises several organizations that he created and developed that have given him a solid track record in the field of communications and a sterling reputation for quality service, spirited management, and high personal and professional integrity. Click here to read more of his bio.

Khaled Dawoud
Bureau Chief
al-Ahram Newspaper, Washington D.C.

Mansour El-Kikhia
San Antonio Express News
Newspaper columnist, San Antonio, Texas
View his columns?

Antoine Faisal is the publisher of Aramica Newspaper based in Brooklyn, New York and covering the nation’s East Coast. Member SPJ.

Basima FarhatBasima Farhat
Radio Talk Show Host, Dearborn, Michigan. Basima Farhat is a writer, a poet and as a master healer in the art of Reiki. She teaches meditative practice in the area as a spiritual counselor. Her Corporate workshop S.O.S., Stop Ongoing Stress deals with creative change in high-pressure work areas and she is currently working on a number of projects in the field of human potential development. Basima has recently completed a screenplay call the Tatesville Casket Company whose subject matter deals with the death and dying process.
A well know poet and peace activist in the Michigan area. Her web site is

Alyssa Fetini
Magazine- TIME Magazine, New York. Tunisian-American Graduate of the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor BA Philosophy, 2007. Former freelance producer for Al Jazeera Arabic in the United Nations Writer for TIME Magazine with a focus on Mid- East issues.

Wafa Ghnaim

Literary Writer & Poet, Portland, Oregon.Her web site is She publishes poetry and analysis of bi-cultural identity, as well as current events. A young journalist, Wafa is currently writing her first book titled “Behind the Thoub: The Significance of Palestinian Dress in Tradition”. She is the Editor in Cheif for And, she works with Abdennour Toumi to support the Oregon Chapter of NAAJA.

Amani Ghouleh, Chicago publisher

Amani Ghouleh is the Publisher, al-Offok al-Arabi Newspaper. Covering the Chicagoland Arab American community in English and Arabic . Chicago. Member SPJ

Farrah Haider
Marketing professional and freelance journalist living in Cambridge, MA.

Sherif Hedayat
 is a columnist, entertainer and standup comedian based in Ohio. He is a video-ographer who produces independent documentaries and online video programs. His web site is

Joseph Haiek
Publisher News Circle Magazine
Arab American Press Guild
Arab American History Association

Read a profile on Joseph Haiek, publisher of the Arab American Almanac and the News Circle Magazine. Click here.

Mohrez al-Husseini
Publisher, al-Mannassa al-Arabiya
New Jersey

Nisreen Hilles
Freelance journalist/reporter Elaph/Almanassa Alarabiya, New Jersey
Beirut Times, Los Angeles. PO Box 6571, Edmond OK., 73013. Hilles works as work as a reporter with elaph which is published from Saudi Arabian. I was worked with Islamonline as a reporter. I am posting me article in Arab newspapers in USA ( Beirut Times- Almanassah Alarabiya). I graduated from UCO in Oklahoma City in Oklahoma. my major was PR- Journalism with a minor Business Aministration.

Ali Ido is a photojournalist, freelancing for Reuters and the Post tribune in Northwest Indiana. Reach him at Ido is an Arab American photographer and photojournalist just after taken training in photography and motion pictures photography school in New York City Interned at KVIQ 6 in Eureka California as a News Cinematographer shooting film 16 mm for several months then moved back to New York  City  worked  in  different jobs  not In photography. Ido began as a freelancer for political “TV Spot,” a New Jersey video production company. He has provided photography for musical videos of many famous Arabic singers, and has freelanced for Reuters TV. He was the assistant to the late photographer Dick Sawicki. To Ido, still photography and photo journalism is  more powerful in telling a story. Ido moved to North west Indiana and worked for the Hammond Times as an Advertising  photographer. Ido now freelances for the Post Tribune and publishes a photography web page. He uses images to tell the news story. Believes in freedom of speech. Ido believes journalists should be independent, and speak out with courage to keep the news and the Internet uncensored.

Rouane Itani 
Television and video producer with experience in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and the Washington, DC area. Focus on documentary productions, health, education, wildlife, international development, social justice, and Arab American issues. Experience with print and new media. Was the editor of the English language newsletter for the embassy of Bahrain. MA in Film and Video from American U. in Washington, DC. Media Producer/Videographer. Aflama, LLC,

Jennifer Isso
Jennifer Isso
Jennifer Isso, Anchor/ Reporter, MBN TV & Radio, Television, Birmingham, MI. News Anchor and TV talk show host for MBN TV (Middle Eastern Broadcasting Network Television) delivering the international news as well as produce, host, and direct two other shows, all delivered in English.

Jennifer covers a number of events in the metro Detroit area and conduct interviews with physicians, business leaders, politicians, judges and other newsmakers. SPJ member.


Nahid Kabbani
One World Television
Arcadia, CA

Mohamed Kadry
Arab American News, Detroit

Pierre Kattar
Email Pierre
Pierre’s Podcasts
Pierre has produced stories from Lebanon, France, Italy and the U.S. His work as both photographer and editor has won several awards from the White House News Photographers’ Association, the National Press Photographers Association and has contributed to two Edward R. Murrow Awards. Pierre also produces multimedia stories which include video, audio, info-graphics and 360° panoramas.

Anisa Mehdi is an Emmy award winning columnist for the Arab Writers Group Syndicate, film producer and media consultant. She is President of Whetsone TV Productions in New Jersey. She directed “Inside Mecca” for National Geographic Television, writes commentary for National Public Radio,” is a speaker/specialist for the US Department of State, and teaches at Seton Hall University. Anisa is a member of the Arab Writers Group Syndicate. Member SPJ. Mehdi also writes twice-weekly for the Newark Star-Ledger blog.

Habib Osta is the publisher of An-Nour Newspaper based in Atlanta, Georgia and covering the South and Southeast United States.

Yousef MareiYousef Marei
Show Host/Producer
WCEV 1450 AM,
(Saturday, 3-5 PM) (listen to live broadcast)

Sami B. Mashney
 is the publisher of The Independent Monitor Newspaper based in Anaheim, California and covering the West Coast of the United States.

Linda Mamoun is a writer and media critic. Her blog, “NewsWhacker,” highlights the best and the worst news coverage of the day.” A member of the National Arab American Journalists Association and the Arab American Writers Group Syndicate, Linda can be reached at

MidEastYouth Bloggers
One of the Middle East’s most visited and read Internet Blog sites

Fatimah Mohammed
Radio Talk Show director
WCEV 1450 AM, Chicago
(Saturday 3-5)

Dalia  M. Mousa
Editor-In-Chief, The Arabic Times
Assignment Editor/Producer, First Coast News NBC/ABC here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Weam Namou Weam Namou
Freelance journalist: Weam Namou was born in Baghdad, Iraq as a minority Christian and came to America at age ten. She is the author of three novels, the co-founder and president of IAA (Iraqi Artists Association), and a columnist and features writer for several local newspapers. Currently she is working on her first feature film, “Green Card Wedding” which stemmed from a short film she did for her thesis at MPI (Motion Picture Institute of Michigan). Namou has been interviewed by over 60 nationwide radio stations, and she has given poetry readings and speeches for numerous educational and academic institutions. Her poetry and articles have appeared in national and international publications.

Alia Aly Nassar, Student journalist.Dubai, UAE

Samer Nasser
Samer Nasser works at CBS News in New York. Samer has a Media Management & Marketing MBA with 10 years of expansive experience in Broadcast Journalism. Hands-on experience in all facets of news production, research, reporting, management, distribution and client/affiliate relations.

Wafaa’ Al-Natheema is a writer, editor and independent journalist.  She has more than a decade of experience in traslation in the fields of medicine, law, literature and business.  She is the founder of the Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS), an independent, tax-exempt and educational organization in Cambridge, MA.  She can be reached ar

Fouad Oujani
Publisher, ArabsWord, Colorado & Rocky Mountain Region
Oujani was the former Editor-in-Chief of Arabic section of AKHER KHABAR, a bilingual (Arabic/English) social and political Newspaper published in Colorado and distributed in the United States, serving the Arab-American communities, responsible of all editorial aspects of the Arabic section writer of two columns. He is now publisher of the new newspaper ArabsWord which covers the same region.

Steven Overly
Student, The Diamondback, University publication. Olney, MD. Finished a year as editor-in-chief of The Diamondback, the independent student newspaper at the University of Maryland. I have held business reporting internships at The Daily Record in Baltimore and The Plain Dealer in Cleveland. This summer, I will intern on the metro desk of the St. Petersburg Times. I am also a 2009 College Fellow at the Poynter Institute, and the recepient of a few regional and national student journalism awards.

Courtney C. Radsch
Ph.D. Candidate/
School of International Service
American University, Washington D.C.

Sameh Ramadan

Freelance Journalist/Photographer
Gaza Strip, Palestine

Angie Raouf
Communications specialist
Journalist, writer, Dearborn, MI

Christine Saah Nazer
Public Affairs Specialist
U.S. Government

Lara Salahi has worked with broadcast television news stations from the ABC affiliate in Marquette, Michigan to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and has written for PBS and UPI. A graduate of Boston University Colleges of Communications and International Relations, Lara is a co-writer for the al-Sahafiyeen SPJ-Arab Journalism Blog.

Anthony ShadidAnthony Shadid is a reporter for the New York Times and twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting for his coverage of Iraq and the author of several books including “Night Draws Near: Iraq’s People in the Shadow of America’s War.”


Jack G. ShaheenJack G. Shaheen
(born 1935) is Professor Emeritus of Mass Communication at Southern Illinois University. He was also a consultant on Middle East affairs for CBS News. He studies portrayals of Arabs and Islam in American media. Dr. Shaheen mainly addresses stereotypical images of racial and ethnic groups. His presentations contend that stereotypes do not exist in a vacuum, that hurtful caricatures of Asians, blacks, Latinos and others, impact innocents. He explains why he considers such portraits persist, and suggests ways of countering what he sees as misperceptions. Among Dr. Shaheen’s awards recognizing his “outstanding contribution towards a better understanding of our global community” are the University of Pennsylvania’s Janet Lee Stevens Award, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition for “his lifelong commitment to bring a better understanding towards peace for all mankind.” Shaheen, a recipient of two Fulbright teaching awards, holds degrees from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University and the University of Missouri. He regularly appears on national programs such as Al Jazeera, Nightline, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, and The Today Show. Also, he has worked with several television series: The Lucy Show,Twelve O’Clock High and The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.

Osama Siblani is the co- Publisher of the Arab American News Newspaper in Dearborn, Michigan.

Kay Siblani is the co-publisher of the Arab American News Newspaper in Dearborn, Michigan.

Christopher Sign
KNXV-TV ABC 15, Phoenix, AZ. Emmy and Murrow award winning reporter with more than 10-years experience. Graduate of The University of Alabama. Played football under full scholarship at Alabama under legendary coach Gene Stallings. Grandparents are from Lebanon/Syria. I currently work in Phoenix after working in Montgomery, AL, Midland/Odessa, TX & Birmingham, AL. Click to view Web Page:

Muhammad Siyam
TV reporter, and Publisher Akher Khabar Newspaper, Denver, CO. Managing my own international marketing and media company which is involved in publishing an international Arab–American newspaper Akher Khabar Newspaper Inc, advertising agency, TV Reports, organizing Arab-American cultural concerts, translation and international market graphic design: Web page:

Ali Sleiman
Journalist, Dearborn, MI
Arab American News Newspaper

Ahmed Soliman is broadcast journalist serving two years as an on air host with Bridges TV. A columnist and author, his most recent book is “Born in the USA: Reflections of an Arab and Muslim-American Journalist,” available through and other national books stores. A member of the Arab Writers Group Syndicate, Ahmed is based in New Jersey.

Nadia Taha

Nadia Taha is an online journalist with the New York Times. She started at The Times in 2007 straight from the graduate journalism program at New York University. She joined the Web newsroom as a news assistant and moved to the Web news production team, serving a variety of news desks and pitching in on a medley of curious tasks, including blogging, reporting and some light translating. Late in 2010, she became the evening producer for Business news, implementing an initiative to get copy editors involved in Web production. And she was just named the new producer for Your Money, Small Business, and the paper’s special sections.

She was born in the United States, the daughter of two dispersed Palestinians. I’ve visited many Middle Eastern countries and spent significant time in the West Bank. My heritage was actually my motivation for getting into journalism. From an early age she felt that Arab Americans were woefully under-represented in American public life and I sought to change that in my own small way.

Hesham Tillawi
TV Show Host
Current issues with Hesham Tillawi can be viewed Live every Tuesday evening between 6:30-8:30 PM Central Standard Time on Cox Cable system Channel 15 in Louisiana as well as Live on the Internet at The show is also broadcast on Bridges TV via cable, satellite, and broadband and on Amazonas satellite World Wide. Current Issues the radio show airs live around the World on Broadband and shortwave 5.050 and many stations around the U.S. every Saturday 4-6 PM Central Time on

Gale Courey Toensing, Staff Reporter, Indian Country Today Newspaper

University of Texas, Austin
NAAJA – Austin, Texas

NAAJA University of Austin Texas

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
Andrew Killgore, publisher
Janet McMahon, Editor
Delinda C. Hanley, News Ed./Exec. Ed.
Jamal Najjab, Advr. Dir.
(202) 939 6050

Pete Wirth is president of GW Associates based in Syracuse, NY.

Zeina Yasbeck
TV Producer, talk show host
Dandana TV

Michel El-Zbaidi
Editor in-Chief
Cedar News
Brooklyn, NY 11209